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Get more from your plug-ins with Adobe Photoshop® or Elements® Layers

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We all have images that are interesting, but uninspiring. Allow your inner artist to come forth by unleashing creative effects using Photoshop layers. In this 55-minute video workshop, photographer Jason P. Odell will show you first-hand how to work with these powerful tools to create digital masterpieces.

You'll see Jason's computer screen in perfect detail as he walks you through the step by-step procedures for creative image editing in Photoshop. Learn how to mix traditional effects with layer masks to create complex images combining HDR, Plug-in filters, and Texture images to make dramatic works of digital art. These techniques go beyond what can be done in Lightroom or other RAW editors alone.


  • Introduction to Layers
    • Standard Layers & Layer Masks
    • Layer Opacity and Blending Modes
    • Adding Adjustment Layers
    • Smart Object Layers
  • Exposure Blending Techniques (Example Image)
  • Hybrid HDR Techniques (Example Image)
  • Using Nik Plug-ins with layers
    • Grunge portrait with Nik Software's Color Efex Pro 4 (Example Image)
    • Using plug-ins as Smart Filters
    • Using Nik Software's Silver Efex Pro 2 to create moody textures on color images (Example Image)
  • Applying Textures to images (Example Image)
  • Combining all effects in a large composite (Example Image)

System Requirements

Mac or PC computer
QuickTime Player Software (free download)
Can be played on iPad using iTunes*

I have not tested this product using other playback software. Windows Media Player is not supported and will not play this video.

*Video file must be downloaded to a computer and extracted before transferring to an iPad or tablet.

See everything on Jason's screen in high-resolution detail (click to see a full-size screenshot)

QuickTime video has chapter markers for easy reference (Click to see full-size screenshot.

Learn about Color Efex Pro 4 and Silver Efex Pro 2 (click to enlarge)

Purchase Layers of Creativity as a direct, downloadable file (.mov format) Note: the video file is delivered as a ZIP Archive; extract the video files before playing.

For best results, I recommend downloading the file using Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari. Internet Explorer (IE) is prone to download issues that will delay your delivery.

Add to Cart $19.99 USD (direct download; instant delivery)

See Jason's comprehensive, printable guides to Nik Software plug-ins, including Color Efex Pro 4 at Luminescence of Nature Press

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